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Best Color Combination for your Bedroom with SPC Flooring | Megancera

Best Color Combination for your Bedroom with SPC Flooring

You know that feeling when you walk into a bedroom and it just looks and feels right? The colors, textures, and lighting all work together to create an inviting, cozy space you can relax in. Well, that's the goal for your bedroom makeover. You've got new SPC flooring picked out - that durable, waterproof vinyl planking that looks like wood or stone. 

Now it's time to choose paint colors to complement it. Which hues will make your bedroom pop while still feeling peaceful? Stick with us to learn about foolproof color combos that work with SPC floors as well as tips to make your bedroom feel like a high-end spa retreat. Let's create a bedroom you'll be excited to spend time in every day!

Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Bedroom Flooring

When it comes to flooring for your bedroom, color is key. The shades you choose for your floors can make or break the overall look and feel of your space.

Warm, cozy colors like beige, brown, and tan are always a great place to start for a bedroom. These muted earthy tones promote relaxation and calm. If you want to create a cozier vibe, consider a shade with warm undertones like cinnamon, chestnut, or mocha.

On the other hand, Cool grays, blues, and greens can make a bedroom feel more crisp and rejuvenating. Pale gray is a popular contemporary choice and pairs well with most decor styles. For a beachy bedroom, a soft seafoam or aqua shade is perfect. And forest green floors would be ideal for a nature-inspired space.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Bedroom Flooring

No matter which direction you go, be sure to consider the natural lighting in your room. Lots of windows will enhance lighter colors while darker colors may make a room with little natural light feel closed in. It's also a good idea to choose a shade slightly darker than your walls to create contrast and definition within the space.

When you've settled on two or three favorites, get large flooring samples to see how they look in your actual bedroom. Live with the samples for a few days to make sure you love your choice before purchasing and installing new floors. With some planning, you'll find color combinations for your SPC flooring that make your bedroom a blissful retreat.

Complementary Color Combinations for Bedroom Flooring

  • White and Wood

White and Wood

White SPC flooring pairs beautifully with wood accents like bed frames, nightstands, and dressers. The white floor brightens the space while the wood adds warmth. For bedding, opt for crisp white sheets and a plush white duvet cover for a cozy yet airy feel.

  • Grey and Red

Grey and Red

For a bold look, combine grey SPC flooring with red accents. A red area rug, throw blanket, or pillows will make a dramatic statement against the grey. Red lamps or wall art also help incorporate touches of this fiery shade. The contrast between the two colors creates an eye-catching design.

  • Cream and Brown

Cream and Brown

Creamy beige SPC flooring complements chocolate brown furnishings like leather chairs, woven baskets, and patterned throw pillows. The creamy tones keep the room feeling open and airy while the brown adds richness and depth. For bedding, cream or beige sheets pair nicely with a brown quilt or duvet cover.

With the right color combinations, SPC flooring can transform your bedroom into a stylish and soothing space. By mixing and matching complementary colors, you can achieve a custom look that reflects your unique style. Whether you prefer bright and bold or soft and muted, the color options for SPC flooring are endless. Finding the perfect combination for your bedroom will result in a space you love coming home to each day.

Avoiding Clashes - What Colors Not to Pair With Your SPC Flooring

When choosing a color palette for your bedroom, it’s important to consider how the colors will pair with your SPC flooring. Some shades can clash or make a space feel unbalanced. In general, steer clear of pairing vivid, saturated hues with SPC flooring.

  • Bright Primaries

Colors like fire engine red, cobalt blue or sunflower yellow are eye-catching on their own, but will likely clash with neutral SPC floors. These bright primary colors are best used as accents in a space, rather than dominating walls or furnishings. If using them in your bedroom, choose one primary color and pair it with neutral shades like tans, grays and whites.

  • Neon Tones 

The SPC flooring in the bedroom should be paired with super bright, neon versions of colors such as pink, green, or orange, since the neon colors give out an effect of cheapness, and they are extremely overpowering to neutral floors. Alternatively, one may opt for pastel versions of the above colors for a playful, youthful look.

  • Dark, Dramatic Shades 

Deep, dramatic hues like eggplant, navy, and forest green might make for a cozy, chic space, but they are total chokers with light, neutral SPC flooring. In a bedroom where you're dying to feature a dark, moody wall color, choose just one accent wall to leave the rest of the walls light, thus creating some contrast. You might also balance dark walls with large windows to keep the space feeling airy and open.

Discover Dreamy Bedroom Palettes!

But, in the end, the most important thing is that you have a color scheme in your bedroom that you love. With these tips, you must have now created for yourself a great-looking space where colors and SPC flooring relate well to each other. By keeping things light, airy, and neutral, with big hits of color very few and far between, your bedroom is going to feel cozy, balanced, and beautifully decorated.


After all, color schemes for your bedroom using SPC flooring is all about personal style. Think about the mood you want to convey and about how the space should make you feel. Play around with some color pairings until you find yourself jumping up and down with excitement over a combination. Don't be afraid to take a lot of risks because you can always repaint if you don't like it. Trust your instincts, and you will end up with just about the most beautiful and inviting bedroom that you can't wait to head to at the conclusion of every day. With just the right SPC floors and a new coat of paint in your favorite colors, you will be creating a bedroom space that feels just like your very own oasis and looks just like you.

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