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Top Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer in Turkey | Megan Cera

Top Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer in Turkey

Welcome to the world of high-grade tiling solutions, where the finest handcrafting and innovative methodology come together. In the bustling landscape of Turkey's ceramic and porcelain tile industry, one name stands out like a polished gem: Megan Cera. Megan Cera, an offspring of the Indian manufacturing excellence, now leading the way among the members of the turkey market, continues its trailblazer status.

Their commitment to excellence sets them apart. A strong sense of design makes them unique among competitors. Megan Cera's tiles grace large commercial centers with class and style. They also enhance peaceful residential houses

Immerse yourself in the world of ceramic and porcelain tile. Let Megan Cera be your beacon of guidance. With our expertise and dedication, we'll illuminate your path to exceptional quality and style. Our brand blazes a trail of timeless style and resilience. It guides you through a world of exquisite design and enduring quality.

The Turkish Tiling Scene

Production of ceramic and porcelain tiles in Turkey creating an unquestionable position for this country among world leading producers. In the middle of this colorful scene, the brand of Megan Cera stands out as a symbol of excellence and novelty. After taking firm root in India, the company offered its services in Turkey, essentially, becoming the mainstay of the country’s tiling sector.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer in Turkey

In the case of Turkey, which is a country where craftsmanship overtakes modernity, Megan Cera stands out from the crowd being characterized by thoroughness and dedication. Varying from classic to heavily modern shapes/designs, Megan Cera meets diverse tastes and preferences. With the growing demand for high-end tiling products, Megan Cera is distinguishing itself by offering a different class of quality and craftsmanship.

Megan Cera stays attuned to Turkey's ceramic tile market environment. Committed to quality, we reach architects, designers, and homeowners with confidence

Megan Cera's Manufacturing Excellence

To the pride of Megan Cera's manufacturing facility which is the symbol of innovation and accuracy, there is a strong commitment to perfection. They have state of the art machinery and technology in their production line which makes each tile top-notch.

By implementing the techniques of the giant format porcelain slabs to tedious details of ceramic floor tiles, each step is done with the artistry and precision. Skilled artisans and advanced automation work symbiotically to ensure that quality and the best results are exhibited in every tile produced. Through meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, our tiles consistently meet the highest standards.

Explore Turkey's Tile Excellence

Megan Cera, is committed to that continuous perfectibility which results in being an industry pace-setter and setting new standards with every batch produced. With these kinds of qualities, it has turn out the company as one of the best tile manufacturers in Turkey and the world.

Product Showcase

Megan Cera's roster of ceramic and porcelain tiles has become integrity and creativity's standard, which compels it to be to Turkey's tiling landscape.

Large Format Porcelain Slabs: Whether measuring 120 x 240 cm or 80 x 160 cm, these tiles boast styling that injects a dash of opulence and grandeur into the sophisticated interiors of shopping malls or lavish buildings. With their elegant designs, they elevate the ambiance and allure of any space.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer

Ceramic Floor Tiles: Megan Cera offers ceramic floor tiles measuring 60 x 60 cm that combine durability and design, making them suitable for use in areas such as living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. These floor tiles provide both functionality and beauty

Porcelain Tiles: From the rugged Full Body Step Risers (30 x 120 cm) to the cozy wood-look paraquet tiles (20 x 120 cm), Megan Cera presents you with many choices for stairs, outside areas and vigorous intersections.

Ceramic Wall Tiles: These wall tiles, ranging from 30 x 45cm to 30 x 60cm, offer versatility for bathrooms, kitchens, or accent walls. Their delicate feel and appearance create the perfect atmosphere.

Variability in Design and Finish

While Megan Cera rules in design and finish, with a lineup of choices that match the varying taste of fashion icons. From modern sleek designs to traditional classics, they have everything on their menu. A bold accent piece will complement the variety of colors and finishes that our customers have to choose from.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

The choice of finish can indeed make all the difference. Whether opting for a glossy look to achieve a contemporary style, your decision matters greatly. Selecting a matte finish for a more subdued elegance is equally impactful. Transitioning between different finishes can completely transform the aesthetic appeal of your space

Megan Cera has different options. Their attention to detail demonstrates that they craft each tile with quality craftsmanship, going beyond mere completion of the job. As a result, each space it enhances receives an upgrade. Whether it's chic urban or homely rustic, Megan Cera's collection has you covered, ensuring that every design preference is met. The best destination for ceramic and porcelain tiles in Turkey.

Global Marketing, Network, and Distribution

Megan cera brand footprint is a measure of its professional competence. Through the comprehensive distribution network covering many continents. Megan Cera is confident its ultra-high-quality ceramic and porcelain tiles will reach the farthest corner of the world. Megan Cera's products are everywhere across the world, from pulsating urban places to leisure groves of the countryside.

From office skyscrapers in New York City to villas in the Italian countryside, Megan Cera tiles epitomize elegance and reliability. Megan Cera ensures prompt delivery of orders and unparalleled customer satisfaction through its partnerships and thorough logistics. Step into the world of Megan Cera, where beauty and trustworthy nature define Turkish culture. Every step paves the way.


Megan Cera, is the most prominent name in ceramic and porcelain tile production industry, mainly in Turkey. Commitment to quality spans a wide product range, from Large Format Porcelain Slabs to Ceramic Wall Tiles. This strengthens their industry ranking.

Megan Cera has a global reputation and a distribution system that gives everyone a fair chance. They provide services to architects, designers, and homeowners alike. For unparalleled quality and consistency in flooring supply, Megan Cera stands as the ultimate choice for clients. Not only in the Turkish market but also across the globe, our unwavering commitment to excellence unequivocally sets us apart. Additionally, our dedication to quality ensures that customers worldwide receive top-notch products. This steadfast dedication distinguishes us in the competitive market With Megan Cera, you can experience the peak of tile revamp right now! Discover unparalleled quality and design

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