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Best Ceramic Floor & Wall Tiles Supplier in Lebanon | Megan Cera

Best Ceramic Floor & Wall Tiles Supplier in Lebanon

Beyond the hubbub of the universe of ceramic tiles, Megan Cera Global Pvt. Ltd. occupies a unique place as a symbol of excellence and innovative attitude. A rising Indian company launched in 2020 is now a top player in porcelain tiles.

Their path for distinction has been extended to Lebanon where they managed to lead as the first supplier of ceramic tiles for walls and floors. Megan Cera's top-notch products and flawless service stem from their advanced manufacturing and global supply network.

Explore the High Quality Tiles Collection

Whether it is a street spirit or countryside peace of Beirut or Tripoli, Megan Cera´s tiles have been a perfect addition with class and steadiness to the homes and commercial spaces. As the best supplier of ceramic floor & wall tiles in Lebanon, Megan Cera maintain the dominance in this area, and thus they continuously set a standard of quality and creativity that are the benchmarks in the ceramic floor & wall tiles industry.

The Rise of Megan Cera Global Pvt. Ltd. in Lebanon

Megan Cera Global LTD, a stealth entrepreneur, boldly entered the Lebanese market, creating a sensation. Establishing a reputation for excellence that turned Megan Cera to the first address for prestigious ceramic tiles of floors and walls Lebanon had to offer. Megan Cera's tiles adorned not only the busy streets of Beirut but also the relaxed coastal towns. Lebanese residents incorporated them into their homes, while architects and designers working with them held them dear in their hearts.

Megan Cera quickly became a top player in ceramic tile manufacturing thanks to their commitment to quality, innovation, and setting new standards. With a keen understanding of market trends, they satisfied Lebanese customers' craving for quality, brand diversity, and reliable products.

The ceramic floor and wall tiles market is the sea filled numerous options; by the nature of Megan Cera’s work, she’s the symbol of superiority, and has been crowned of being the best supplier in Lebanon owing to her persistence and unshakable belief in customer satisfaction. And the best part? They’re just getting started.

Discussing Megan Cera's Floor Tiles Range

Tracing through Megan Cera's tiles collection will be similar as though one were in an art gallery that captures perfectly classic skill and enduring design.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

  • Sizes Galore: Regarding sizes, Megan Cera goes from the mini 30 x 30 cm to the impressive 60 x 60 cm. Covering a range that is adequate for different scale architectures.

  • Design Diversity: Megan Cera’s exquisite collection of ceramics is the harmony of various patterns, designs, and finishes that will match perfectly well with both traditional and contemporary interiors.

  • Trend Insights: Megan Cera digs into the design trends of Lebanon that adds the fashion in the country matching to the design standards and influence.

Pairing clean modernity with rustic charm, these tiles exude sophistication and durability, making them the epitome of craftsmanship.

Discovering The Ceramic Wall Tiles Range

Show off Megan Cera's strikingly beautiful ceramic wall tile collection that has been designed with perfection to give your space a stylish look and luxurious ambiance.

Ceramic Wall Tiles

  • Sizes to Suit Every Space: Megan Cera produces an extensive concept with canvas roll sizes ranging from, for instance 30 x 45 cm to 10 x 20 cm, which adapts to specific design needs.

  • Design Diversity: Find diverse designs starting from timeless classics to contemporary amusement which will have something for all kinds of aesthetic values​.

  • Impeccable Finishes: Its finishes include glossy and matte, this stylish ceramic wall tiles bring innumerable elegance to any interior spaces and they specially designed decor pieces add to the luxury of each interior.

  • Keeping Up with Trends: Be among the first by shopping Megan Cera's collection that epitomizes the latest designs which are taking over social soaring scenes in Lebanon and beyond.

Megan Cera has the right formula for quality ceramic wall tiles in Lebanon.

The Craft of Choosing Ceramic Tiles

Hence, you're looking for very nice tiles to finish off your space, so? What it was like to be a lanky teen with Megan Cera as your best friend! Here are some nifty tips to help you nail that tile game: 

  • Size Matters: Review your square widely and check your flow. Large spaces look great with big sized tiles, and smaller tiles can consequently add detail.

  • Design Savvy: Venture into the world of Megan Cera from wide selection of the fabric designs and patterns. 

  • Finish Flair: Shiny, spotty, or woven? Lastly, the finish will be critical for tiles to transform into exactly the way you want. 

  • Function Meets Fashion:Don't forget the focus of functionality! Focus on the grounds as your tiles must endure a high volume of traffic inside kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Expert Advice: Megan Cera, ensure you make the right decision, when you allow them to guide you through the whole process.

Therefore, do not hesitate, let exploration of artistry take over and Megan Cera will treat your room with the most superior ceramic tiles available in Lebanon!


Megan Cera has become the leading provider of ceramic floor tiles in Lebanon through their commitment to quality and innovation. Their success is not luck but the result of hard work and dedication.

Megan Cera makes sure every customer finds the ideal fit for their area by offering a variety of sizes, patterns, and finishes to accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences. 

Count on Megan Cera for lasting quality, whether you are updating a kitchen backsplash or changing a bathroom floor. Discover their unmatched selection right now to see the pinnacle of ceramic tile artistry!

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