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How Do You Check Quality of Tiles? | Megan Cera

How Do You Check Quality of Tiles?

Starting the trip through décor of one’s home or office to the decision of tiles are crucial milestones on this exciting journey. The only issue however, is the plethora of options available, difficult to assess and sort the best from the rest when it comes to quality. Tiles, in due course overshadow any other interior design element, are not going to be surpassed by their radiance.

As well as aesthetic attraction, these surfaces are also made from the various factor such as flatness, roundness, dimension, weight and look. All of them are interlinked to create the highest quality. 

Let us stare into this exciting realm, where we will unfold the puzzle and describe every detail about tile quality assessment, so you won’t have uncertainties anymore and can build a successful and appealing room.

Understanding Tile Quality

When tile hunting, it is incredibly easy to be misguided by appearances. Without scratching one's nails, the quality here is what lasts. It's not only a matter of high sheen and trendy outfit; it's about worth and longevity. Colors and their combinations play a vital role in setting the mood and aesthetic of a particular area, for example, a darker color palette can create a more dramatic vibe.

Through the stripping away of nuance, one is exposed to a higher level where one sees through these matter. It's not only an appearance, it's about artisanal skills and unshakable principles.From gloss checks, highlighting aesthetic appeal, to curvature inspections for flawless installations. Each step adds to our quality tapestry.

Get High Quality Tiles at Best Price

Nevertheless, the process is not limited to this stage. The purpose of a size inspection is accuracy, weight testing provides added strength, and thickness gauges ensure evenness. It’s a synchronicity of checks and balances, melting together to bring you the bathtub of your dreams.

Thus, sometime you muse on the tile quality the next time introspect deeply. Dig a little deeper into overlays and details, and pick tiles that won’t stain your reputation.

Key Features of Quality Tiles

  1. Gloss Inspection

  2. Curvature Inspection

  3. Size Inspection

  4. Weight Inspection

  5. Thickness Inspection

The tile industry has a wide range of features to look out for but ensuing high standard quality, make certain elements the most important components that will eventually make the difference between how good your space is. Let's dive into these essential aspects:

1. Gloss Inspection

Reflective Aesthetics: Gloss inspection is about more than shininess, as bright tiles are inspected fascinating by meeting the specific brightness criteria. Reflective elements undergo rigid checks for enhanced tile aesthetics. Each tile piece emits light perfectly.

Gloss Inspection

2. Curvature Inspection

Uniformity Matters: Some people check to make sure that the tiles are flat but what matters is the consistency of the installed sections for a seamless decoration. This will be done by exact measurements required to make tiles meet the established criteria. Therefore, they become an easy-to-use as well as indispensable part of your space.

3. Size Inspection

Precision Fit: The art of scale inspection is all about accuracy and perfection, as each tile joins the puzzle will give the desired design. Measurement and confirming accuracy implement at each tile to ensure it is as specified. This leads to a more reliable installation that produces impeccable results.

Size Inspection

4. Weight Inspection

Durable Density: Tile weight measurement tabulates the density and product quality simultaneously, yields the information on tile's performance and reliability. Consequently, each site undergoes thorough weighing and the results are compared with the measured range. Only those tiles meeting specified weight requirements are considered at this stage. 

5. Thickness Inspection

Uniform Strength: Accurate thickness measurements during inspection assure consistency in manufacture of tile products providing strength and durability. Specialists who have knowledge about such factors undertake the task of making and verifying tile thickness and enjoys such sizes is regarded as a prerequisite. This specificity in making results in the tiling of high standards used in their tiles that is very long lasting and can give you a foundation that is solid.

The scheduled inspections contribute significantly to the quality assessment process of tiles. Customers are assured they're purchasing only the highest quality tile products available

Thickness Inspection

Choosing Quality

When it comes to selecting tiles exactly, the most conscientious customers understand the significance of quality before anything else. Megan Cera, insistent on top-quality, is a Tiling Solution flagship, leading in top-notch tiling craftsmanship.

Megan Cera’s quest for unparalleled quality is evident in her meticulous approach to quality assurance, where every tile goes through rigorous checks for quality from gloss and thickness. They equip consumers with tools to judge good from bad. Making decisions that last longer. We're not just picking tiles; we're selecting everlasting beauty. Rooms transformed into artworks in the end!

Therefore, in the course of answering “How do you check quality of tiles?" Be sure to look at the designer for tasteful aesthetics accompanied with quality i.e. Megan Cera!


If quality worries aren't your thing, Megan Cera is your beacon of excellence. A dependable partner for your tile needs. From sleepless gloss checks to rigorous thickness evaluations, Megan Cera has performed all kinds of toughness tests, the best of the best around. With a thorough and comprehensive process that covers every aspects, their tiles turn out more than just products.

Therefore, why would you just about be satisfied with something below your standard? Let Megan Cera lift up your spaces; as each tile endures a stringent control with a meticulous eye to meet highest standards. Whether it has application to homes as well as to trade or businesses, the tiles of Megan Cera would offer more than quality, but also peace of mind. Choose Megan Cera style and be amazed on how expert tailoring can look like.

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